13th December – Last day at Erawan

15 Dec

Night time temperatures here are great. Only 14 deg C last night … positively chilly! We’ll enjoy it while we can as we know that when we get back to Bangkok to pick the boys up at the airport it will be 32 during the day and 24 or 25 at night. Even on this busier site, there are only about two other tents and us now the weekend is over. We have a nice place to stay with lots of space.





Walking back up to the falls, we could not help smiling at the signs on the litter bins. Great that they have all the categories listed, but in any case it goes into one bin! Why anyone would bring hazardous waste on a picnic is a mystery to me though.





As we got closer to the 2nd tier fall we saw a monitor lizard head to the water. A brave dog tried to nip its tail as it swam into the main pool. It was a fast swimmer and we watched it chase the fish.





It then swam into the main pool and this meant that we could take a picture without the swimmers in it.






When we got back to our camping spot a big monitor lizard (more than a metre long) was walking past the camper. This time we had the zoom lens and a better background, and so could catch it with its tongue out!





Tomorrow we head towards Bangkok, ready to pick Tom and Ben up, it will be great to see them!

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