14th December – Bang Poo (coast south of Bangkok)

15 Dec

We drove from Erawan almost straight down to Bang Poo. We thought that this might be a nice little seaside resort to spend a day, before heading to the airport, but, like its name, it’s not that appealing …. maybe if you get to know it?

Struggling to find a place to park (there is no beach, just mangrove swamp and a long pier with a restaurant at the end), we found another temple and made it our home for the night.

After the cool silent nights in the National Park it was hard to sleep at near 30 degrees C and with a massive pack of dogs howling through the night. We think that a night in a hotel by the airport is in order for tomorrow!

Next two weeks

We’ve decided to have a little break from daily posts for a couple of weeks while the boys are here. Two reasons, firstly that we think the content is getting a bit boring now that we are visiting the more accessible places, and secondly we need a rest from it. That is not to say that we will not post some pictures or highlights from the next two weeks, just that it will not be done for every day.

We will resume the daily account once we head down to the Malaysian border and on to Kuala Lumpur and Port Klang for shipping.



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