12th December – Still at Erawan

12 Dec

The weather is still cool and so we decided to stay around the camper and do a bit of car maintenance. Marjool worked on some of the business admin including the vat returns. While we were there an English teacher called John dropped by on his way home and said that he would like to use the website as material to help train the other teachers in the school English. He has picked travel as the background topic, so it may work! Good luck John!

Work done we decided it was time for a swim. Getting through the fish at the edge of the pool is strange. They bump against you and the very small ones nibble skin. No wonder nobody stays in ages!






There are not so many places in the world where you can swim through warm water to a waterfall and then climb in behind the falling water. It is an amazing place.

We also wanted to have the fish nibble the dead skin off our feet …. it took some time before you could let it happen. The nibbling really tickles and hurts slightly. After a while it feels good in a slightly painful sort of way …..!! When you are swimming, if you don’t keep moving the nipping starts.







Still loving it here, maybe just one more day!

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