11th December – Erawan Falls

12 Dec

The campsite here is great, and because it is the equivalent of a bank holiday weekend it is busier than any other camping area we have been to so far. Normally we like quiet but this makes a nice change, and we know come Monday afternoon everyone will be off again. Camping is just starting to take off in Thailand and the way it works here is that you roll up to the campsite with just your food, and tell the little campsite office what sort of tent you want. These are already erected and are just carried by four people to where you want to camp. Mats, sleeping bags and cooking equipment are all hired for very small fees. As we are in the camper we just pay 30 baht per person per night (60p). There are good showers, toilets and it is only a short walk to the falls and is right next to the river. It has cooled down over the last couple of days and is around 27 C during the day and 15 C at night. We love it but the locals are wrapping up in fleece jackets and complaining about the cold!

The waterfalls are beautiful, almost too perfect to be natural. We walked up to the top level (7) and took a few pictures on the way. It is a steep climb with steps and roots, but well worth the effort.





The calcium in the water forms level lips to the pools, making a step like structure.







As you walk up the trail you see large trees that have escaped the general clearing of the hardwood forests from the 50’s onwards. Locals put their hands together with a short prayer as they pass and the trees are decorated with all sorts of offerings.




The path is closed at 4.00pm to give people time to get down before dark. Firstly because it is steep with lots of trip hazards, but secondly there are lots of snakes in the jungle and they are more active at night.




We are not sure how long we will stay here, but neither of us are keen to move on.

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