10th December – Erawan Falls

11 Dec

We left Sai Yok National Park first thing in the morning and drove down the 323 south east towards Kanchanaburi stopping on the way at the Hellfire Pass Memorial and Museum. This memorial has been masterminded by the Australians as many perished here during the building of the Thailand – Burma railway during the Second WW. There were also many English and Dutch POW’s who lost their lives.

There is a Museum and visitors area where you can pick up an audio tour and the start of the walking track that follows the route of the so called ‘Death Railway’ for about 3km. It is excellent and well worth a stop. The scenery is stunning, but as you walk along listening to accounts of the prisoners on the audio tape, you can’t help but be deeply moved.

Hellfire pass itself is over 600m long and at its deepest it is 25m. It was all cut and cleared by hand at huge cost in terms of human life.



We completed the walk to the end of the track and back (about 5km) during the morning. Even then it was very warm by the time we got back. It is not flat as there are a number of gulleys to cross that would have had wooden trestle bridges. Now it is steps down and then up again.

After leaving the site we stopped for lunch at a typical roadside restaurant. The kitchens are very simple but the food is always fine. Here are a couple of examples.







We arrived at Erawan National Park at about 3.00 pm, in time to walk up to the first waterfall and pool. It was very busy as the children are off school for a long weekend.




There are 7 main falls in total, most of which will be much less busy. We will have a look tomorrow.

Last task of the day is to try on our strimming hats that we bought for 50 baht! Pretty scary!




Marjool is slightly concerned about swimming in the pools under the falls as they are full of fish that love to nibble the old dead skin off your feet and legs…… hopefully it is not these.





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