9th December – Sai Yok NP

10 Dec

Spent another day in the park as it seems cooler here and we have a nice shady camping spot. There are lots of short walks around the park which are best done early before it gets too warm. Lots of the trails are through bamboo …. big bamboo!





On the way back there are remains of Japanese camps used to hold troops ready for a push into Burma.







In the afternoon we watched as groups of tourists were taken up the river on floating pontoons, towed by long tailed boats, so that they could swim down with the current.





The tourists were mainly Russians. You can tell because only the Russians walk about along roads and paths to the river with the men wearing speedos and the ladies bikinis and shoes with heels! They are not shy! Its quite a contrast with the modest Thai people who always wear clothes that cover their bodies when they swim.




On the way back to the camper we passed the stream that feeds the falls. It really is pretty.




Last task was to cool down and wash before bed. The stream is the perfect temperature.




It was a cool night last night and even needed a blanket in the early morning rather than just a silk sleeping bag. Lovely.

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