4th December – Cha-am and Hua Hin

6 Dec

Drove down to Hua Hin with Keith and Frances to explore and do some shopping. Graham is down to his last two t-shirts as the others have become embarrassingly grubby. Luckily genuine branded t-shirts (real one … same, same) are available for 180 Baht.

We visited two local malls and the big Market Village, which includes a big Tesco Lotus and lots of big brand outlets. We all came out clutching carrier bags, with us wondering how we could fit the extra clothes in Troopy, which is already full!

With the shopping done we wandered down to the beach to see if we had done it justice last time we looked.

After walking through the normal stalls we arrived at a really crowded beach.

On the way back through the stalls, we looked to see if anything tempted us …..

Resisting all the temptations we went back to the car and drove to the hotel again. Just by the reception there are great big stone pots filled with water. In the water there are petals of flowers floating to create different designs. It changes every day.

We swam and then walked to the village to eat, drink and treat ourselves to another massage. It really feels like a holiday now!

Down at the massage parlour, we were treated like regulars …. hmmmm first difficulty making a choice from the menu!

All too soon it was over. Could never really understand why people raved about massage …. now we understood! We said goodbye to the team secretly hoping for one last go before we went home. Costing little more than a pint of beer at home  for over an hour …..

Tomorrow we will take Keith and Francis to Cha-am Beach

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