5th December – Cha-am area

7 Dec

After spending a relaxing day at the hotel, swimming and reading, we drove to Cha-am Beach today as Keith and Frances had not been there yet. It was just like a bank holiday at home with all the local Thais making the most of their day off for the Kings birthday. It was a great atmosphere with banana boats whizzing past full of screaming children, people paddling, swimming and generally relaxing by the water. We walked along edge of the beach with our feet in the sea, which was bath warm. No catching of breath as you do at home.

We then walked along looking for a reastaurant. On the way we saw a spirit house, which is normally placed on the site of a new building or development, to house the spirits that already live there. An offering of food or drink is then placed by the house every day to keep the spirits happy. In the countryside it is normally rice and fruit, in the developed areas it is often fizzy drinks and packaged food.



As we sat in one of the local restaurants, where a main course is still around 80 or 90 Baht, fireworks started to go off on the beach. Not official displays, but just street/beach vendors just selling a few to the visitors. We bought a couple of Chinese lanterns and set them off with a wish.


We know that these things are not great for the environment, but just this once! After driving back we watched the final part of the Kings birthday celebrations, the hotel guests and staff held candles while watching a televised ceremony on a big screen by the hotel pool.

The days just rush by when you don’t do much, and today was no exception. Only one day left with Keith and Frances!

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