3rd December – Down the coast towards Hua Hin

5 Dec

Today we are meeting our friends who have been on a tour of Thailand and are finishing it off with a few days in a beach resort. They invited us to join them. It’s really strange, it’s taken us five months to get here and they’ve flown here in just one day!

During the afternoon we caught up with all their news and had a swim. Later on we walked into the village and checked all the menus before picking a restaurant for dinner.




After the meal we all decided to go to the massage place opposite and have a foot massage.




It is really relaxing and costs about 200 Baht for an hour. The first part is the cleaning of the feet in a bowl of warm water and soap. Even this is really nice. Then oil is applied to the feet in preparation for the massage. Part of the massage involves the use of a wooden stick with turned slots along its length. It is slid in between the toes, one at a time. During this process, Keith discovered that he had really ticklish feet.




Shame we can’t put video in yet as once the stick was inserted, Keith was beside himself with the pleasurable torture!





Graham also enjoyed the attention to his feet …. an hour seems like a long time, but it goes all too soon.




The massage was finished off with a shoulder massage. We all agreed that is was a really nice experience and agreed to do it again soon ….. maybe even tomorrow!!



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