2nd December – Cha-am Beach

5 Dec

Cha-am is much smaller than Hua Hin and the beach better. It is also a place with more Thai tourists than westerners, and is has a good feel. We are not in a hurry as we only need to be a few km’s down the beach tomorrow to meet up with Keith and Frances, so we decided to stay put.

First thing in the morning we walked north along the beach to see Andre’s truck. It is a Mercedes 911 truck, built in 1980 for the border police. We are not familiar with it, but it is very popular with overlanders as it is four wheel drive and has a massive range of over 3000km. It is heavy though and weighs over 5 tonnes. It would be great for Mongolia!






Andre’s family are due to join him in a week and they will travel around in South East Asia for a while.

During the rest of the day we caught up with some business admin and general emails and spent a bit of time walking. At one point we came across a statue with hundreds of cockerels lined up around it …. one of those things we just don’t understand!




In the evening we met up with Andre again and went for an Indian meal ….. tasty! We will be back here in a couple of weeks with the boys and so it is good to find a few nice places to go.


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