23rd November – Bancheun Beach

26 Nov

As it is so warm at night the flaps on our canvas roof are always open, so when you wake up you usually have a good view. Much better than a hotel room.



The awning (Dartmouth Canvas Factory)  has been very useful on the trip, but we often don’t bother putting it up unless we are staying put for a few days.



It was a very quiet day today at the office. The ability to get the internet anywhere means that we can catch up with the website and the business e mails. The post is a different matter. The boys have said that four and a half months of post is quite a big pile!!





What I had not realised is that the sand flies were eating me alive …. serves me right for being so smug! The bites do not show straight away, but later that night they turned red and itchy ….. at least 60! Just goes to show, nowhere is perfect …

Trying not to scratch the bites, and covered with insect repellant we sat down and had a meal on the beach. Again a lovely view.



A very quiet day …. but nice.

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