22nd November – Ban Chun beach

23 Nov

What had attracted us to this area was the fact that it was not on the way to anywhere other than the beaches and the Cambodian border, we thought it would be undeveloped and quiet. We were not disappointed.

On the way we turned off the main road and onto some side roads. There are some lovely lakes behind the beaches and where there is a river,  stilt villages where the fishermen that fish in the gulf are based.







We carried on to Ban Chun to a little resort called Bancheun Beach Resort that has cabins and a restaurant and is owned by Joseph and Payear. They were happy for us to stay in the camper next to the restaurant, right on the beach, use their facilities and plug in to the mains electricity. They are really friendly and also own and run a hotel near Pattaya.

Having come through the Gobi without getting stuck, I was maybe a bit cocky driving onto the sand …. it is very fine and very soft …. we were soon digging ourselves out, and even got to use the high lift jack!!





Back on firmer ground, we attached the awning to the camper, went for a swim in the warm calm sea (just like getting in the bath) and in the evening had a meal in the small beach side cafe next door. So nice and relaxing, might even stay here a few days …..




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