24th November – Bancheun Beach again!

26 Nov

Decided on one last day before we start moving up around the coast.  All we did today was swim, itch, and eat on or around the beach.



Towards the end of the day we were getting fidgety and started looking at the maps. We needed to plan the next few weeks, but also needed to workout the rest of the trip.

The big decision was what to do about the second  leg of the journey. We had got prices of the two lots of shipping, plus my flights to the US to meet the car and arrange storage, then a flight back to the UK, and it was more than we wanted to pay. We also had a price to ship the car direct home to Southampton and flights home from Malaysia ( cheap at 290 UK pounds each with Malaysia Airlines).

The other big factor is the customs deposit on Troopy for the carnet, which we will only get back when the car is in the UK.

Surprisingly when you work it all out, the cost of shipping Troopyto the US and back again for another trip is only marginally more expensive than leaving it there on the way back from Asia. Something that we had not worried or thought about when planning the round the world drive.

The final factor is that we think that we don’t want to be away again for next summer …. we miss home too …..

In the end we came to the decision that we would ship the car straight home from port Klang in Malaysia and fly back. We will sleep on it and if we have not changed our minds will book flights tomorrow. Big decision!

After all that another day gone. Just time to take a look at Joseph’s catch. He uses a net that he swims out with. The fish are not big but all are kept and eaten.




The sunsets here are amazing, every night different colours. Tonight was no exception.



This evening there were no clouds on the horizon and so you could see the sun drop straight into the sea.



As the sun dropped lower the squid fishermen were still heading out to their spot for the night.

Having made our decision about the rest of the trip we slept well, Graham too despite his itching!


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