21st November – Laem Klat (coast south of Trat)

23 Nov

In the morning the security guard called us over to look at a big snake. It was in a tree over by the main building trying to catch the squirrels that were eating fruit. Unfortunately it had gone by the time we got there …. good to be reminded that they are around though! We left at 8.00am just as the staff were having their morning briefing outside on the grass. It was quite formal, but as we drove off, they all smiled, waved and shouted goodbye. Again we are amazed at the Thai hospitality. The people are so lovely.

All along the roads in Thailand there are flags and pictures of the King, particularly near the National Parks. It seems that he is really popular and is very much involved with the development of Thailand. It is said that he is a very clever and well educated person who has expertise as an engineer and architect.




Today was basically a day of driving, we were ready to see the coast! We had not seen the sea since we left the Baltic. On the way we stopped at a Big C supermarket to stock up and buy a new camera card. Marjool had left her flip flops on the grass at the last coffee stop, so we needed some replacements ….. These were tempting, but a little warm!




Late afternoon we arrived at a small beach at Laem Klat. There were cabins at a small resort, but plenty of space for us to park right by the sea. We had arrived at the Gulf of Thailand!






In the morning we would continue down the narrow strip of coast here that has sea on one side and then Cambodia on the other. You can cross into Cambodia at the southern most point at a place called Khlong Yai. We will not be doing this as we are due in Chaam to meet our friends Keith and Frances in a couple of weeks and don’t want to rush the tour of the coast up to Bangkok.



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