3rd October – UB

4 Oct

Some time ago we had news that the family that were due to travel with us through China could not make it as their Land Rover developed engine problems in Russia. Despite their best efforts they had to abort the trip and carry on to New Zealand without their car. Having also been through the effort of arranging carnet, visas, injections and logistics we could understand how devastated they must have been to make that decision. The good news is that they will rejoin their vehicle next summer and attempt to continue the trip. We were also really disappointed as we had met with them down in Devon before the trip and were really looking forward to spending time with them. Good luck with your new lives in New Zealand Adrienne, Llew, Bella and Ollie, and your trip next year!

We received information from our tour company in China that the group before us had problems getting into China as there was a custom document missing. It was described as a ‘Carrying Inventory’ form. We decided to try to resolve this in UB as it costs the other group US$300 plus one day to resolve.

We were again staying at the Oasis guest house and travelled from there to the railway station as there is a big customs office there. They checked our temporary import document for the car and said that as fas as Mongolian customs were concerned we needed nothing else. They could not understand why the Chinese customs would require a document produced in Mongolia to allow vehicles to cross the border. We will try again at the border town.

While walking around UB we took a few pictures to remind us of the general scene.




Every so often you see something that catches your eye. How about this for the name of a beauty parlour / hairdresser?!


Leaving late from the town the bus was really crowded and the drivers are so enthusiastic with the brakes and accelerator that the passengers ‘wash’ up and down the bus swinging on the handles. Every so often the electric pick ups on the tram buses comes off and the vehicle comes to a sudden stop. The ride is never a dull experience as you also get a good view of all the minor car collisions as the bus weaves around around the traffic, and the amazingly brave pedestrians darting in and out of any little gaps! They don’t rely on the green man as the cars keep coming!


Safely back at the Oasis we plan our last day in UB. The last few items to get and a lunch with Dr Khaliunaa.


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