2nd October – Ghorki-Terelj

4 Oct

We are planning to have a quiet day by the river washing, fishing and drinking tea while contemplating the river. Although the nights are down to -4 or -5C, the days are quite warm and the skies are clear blue.

The river looked perfect for fishing, but despite trying every way he could think of, Graham still had no luck. The view up the river was also great.

Graham mumbled his normal list of excuses which included no insects, too cold, overfished, no worms …….. and suggested that maybe a pasta based lunch might be a good idea! Instead we had the closest we could get to a fried breakfast by frying salami sausage, eggs, bread and haloumi.

As we were hanging out the washing one of the local cows came to help us out.

As it got dark we started the normal night time preparations. We have been having battery problems with the electronics items as they are getting too cold at night. When we can, we heat up some big rocks in the fire and then put them in the camper wrapped in towels and covers so that they give off heat slowly through the night. We then put all the electronics equipment on top of this with our clothes and fleeces on top.

Tomorrow we have a few more things to sort out in UB and so will leave here in the morning.

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