4th October – Last day in UB

4 Oct

Spent part of the morning in Dr G’s office as she again tried to help with the customs document problem. Still no luck.

Later we met Dr K for lunch in a Mongolian restaurant called Modern Nomads.


Numerous calls were made to try to involve Dr G in the lunch, but the fact that we had distracted her with customs issues during the morning must have put her behind schedule. In any case we had a really nice meal with nice company. Thank you Dr K!


After lunch we managed to get a spare camera battery and memory card, and a watch battery. We are finally getting better at finding the right shops in Mongolia.

UB is having a real boom now and there is a big new copper and gold mine opening 650km south of UB. The skyline is changing and the number of cars (big flash 4×4’s mainly) are increasing at a fantastic rate. Even from the main square, those who knew it before will see the difference.



Lots of tower blocks are going up in the centre of the city.



Tomorrow morning we are heading south towards the Chinese border. We will go through part of  the Gobi on our way. It will take us a few days as it is 640km and we are not sure what the road conditions are like. We think that the first 200km is paved roads. We are due on the border on 10th October to meet the guide. If we need to visit a shipping agent we need to be there during working hours on Friday.

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