12th September – Tashanta

12 Sep

Woke up this morning to snow! The pictures are not great but at least you can see what it is like here.




Looking along the border, barbed wire snakes across the hills marking the Russian boundary. In between Russia and Mongolia is 10km of no man’s land. As far as we can see, the roads still look clear. The Mongolian border is another 500m higher and so it may be different there.




The boarder post is just in front of the camper. We are first in the queue …. can’t imagine why more people are not camping! Just us and a lorry driver from Kazakstan.




I think this is the first snow that Troopy will have seen …. or maybe the Snowy Mountains?





Finally Sally and Mick are trying to positively identify the bird! It was about 350 to 400mm from the top of the post to the tip of its head and although a poor picture it looked like this as it flew away!




So all going well we will move through the Russian side of the border in an hour. Then off to meet Agii and the eagle hunter!


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