11th September – Tashanta

11 Sep

After looking around Kosh Agach for a place to stay and not finding anywhere that took our fancy, we drove towards the next village. On the way we went through a road block, which is basically a military passport check point. To proceed further you need a valid visa for Mongolia. The next village was very small and due to the cold there were few people around to ask about camping. We opted for a high profile spot in the centre of the square of grassland around which the village was built. It was starting to get really windy so we pointed the camper into the wind to reduce the chance of damage to the pop top. In the morning the hills around us were covered in a small layer of snow.




The village was small but still had a tiny fuel station, a war memorial and a small mosque.




As we drove out towards Tashanta we saw what I think was our first eagle. I’m no bird expert but it certainly wasn’t a pigeon!




Again the views as we drove towards Tashanta were amazing! The stormy skies making them all the more dramatic.




On the grasslands all around us we could see horsemen working herds of goats. The views just don’t look real, and we almost have to pinch ourselves to check that we are really here!



We arrived at Tashanta and drove up to the border to make sure it really is closed on a Sunday and then went to find a spot to camp for a few hours. We would then move right to the border to sleep in case there is a queue in the morning.



The picture is taken from the hill next to the last 3G mast in Russia! The MTS (MTC) card has been great. Total cost 200Rub per month for 3G plus 3Rub per day standing charge, and 3Rub per min to any network anywhere in Russia. Only snag is that you need an address to get the sim. You will need the help of a Russian. Thanks Olga!!


Soon after we arrived we were visited by local kids looking for sweets, one even asked if he could have my rucksack. The kids here seem to have been slightly corrupted by the large numbers of Mongol Rally visitors they get each year. We have not seen it anywhere else in Russia. The kids were sweet though!




Those Tele Tubbies get everywhere! Fingers crossed we will be in Mongolia tomorrow!




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