13th September – Eagle hunter’s ger

16 Sep

We are now staying in a fantastic location next to the gers owned by the Sailau family. We followed a guide Agii from the border at Tashanta to Olgiy which was around 90km where we went to the bank and got a 3G card for the phone (pay as you go with Mobicom). We then followed him a further 45 km across dry river beds and through mountain passes to the gers.

Sailau is the man that was shown hunting with eagles on the BBC series Human Planet. We were going out with him tomorrow to see the eagle in action on the mountain just a few kms from the ger.

We had a quick look at the eagle and then went with Sailau and some of the family to a mini Nadaam Festiva. We filled our camper up with 8 people(!) and bounced across a couple of valleys to an event that was very small and local. Great fun though.

The first event was horse racing (10 km). The horses were very placid, small and did not have names. They were also incredibly sure footed on the rough ground. There was then wrestling and then more horse racing.

The horses had travelled from all the different gers/valleys before the race even started. They are tough horses.

Next was the wrestling … bitterly cold wind for wearing this gear.


Everyone was cold and had to huddle together to keep warm.

First we were invited to a meal in a ger close to the Nadaam. It was an amazing spread but were too shy to take pictures as everyone who attended the event took turns to eat. We then went back to the ger for chai (milky tea).

Tomorrow we see the eagle in action with luck!

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