28th August – Isetskoe

28 Aug

We set off again at 9.00 am this morning. Marat got stopped by the police for another check …. must be at least three times already! Once they were happy we continued on towards Kugan. Today was much more relaxing as being Sunday the traffic was lighter and there were less lorries. We stopped at some roadside stalls and thought how different they were to our roadside services!

There were all sorts of snacks for on the way as well as general supplies.

The scenery on the  way to the small town of Isetskoe was open grassland with stands of silver birch. After pine it seems to be the most common tree.

This evening we are camped behind another hotel. Marat and Vanya are staying there, so they do not charge us for parking here. There is also lots of other spots that would be OK around this side of the town. Villages and small towns are still our favorite places to camp.

Finished the day with spicy sauce and pasta. Camping food does not have to be bland …. in fact this nearly took the skin off our lips!!

Is a nice quiet spot …. should sleep well!

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