29th August – Ishim

29 Aug

The camping spot behind the hotel was great but we were slightly unprepared for the cold night. Not really cold by Siberian standards at about 4 deg C but it made us realise that we need to sort out some warmer bedding or just put all ours clothes on before bed when we get to the Altai and Mongolia.



We have not paid to camp since Riga, so the extra diesel it costs us driving the camper still really pays off. We have also prepared all our own meals except when buying someone a meal by way of thanks for help and hospitality. Around 9.00am we left the camping spot and started out towards Ishim, stopping on the way for coffee ….. again! We are finding that the mosquito season is nearly over and so you can stop without the bother of repellant. It’s worth the cold nights for that!




There are lots of open areas with huge wheat fields, some as far as you can see.




Every so often you see fields of cows.



Marat suggested going North from Kurgan to join E22 after taking local advice. I must admit that I thought that the southern route would be easier, but the advice was good and the road was lovely and quiet and it even gave me time to look around while driving …. quite a novelty! There were lorries, but not many.





The dashboard is a great place to dry your washing when the sun is out : )



We stopped in Ishin for lunch as Marat’s sister studied here. We sat out by the park and cooked lunch as Marat and Vanya were going to be away for a while.




If Lew and Adrienne read this, nice place for the kids to play and it has a good feel. Probably a good overnight spot as well.






So far today has been much more relaxing, not sure if it is just this road, or the fact that traffic reduces as you go east. Either way it is a welcome change!

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