27th August – Satka

27 Aug

Spent the morning in the Kitova Pristan which is a miniature amusement park based on Russian folklore. Marat had spent the night in a tiny wooden cabin, which cost around £15 per night.

The lake is beautiful.

One of the themed houses.

The park is in a great location, and a nice place for children.

Marat has found a new ship for him to captain (with the same name as his wife!). I thought that he preferred tankers!

The city nearby is Satka which is a base for magnesium mining. This area is in the Urals (which are very rich in minerals) and so has lots of work.



Marat helped us post some cards today. It was actually quite hard to find the post office, and would probably have given up if it had not been for him.


With the cards safely in the the post system, we drove onwards towards Chelyabinsk. The traffic was got heavier through the afternoon and we were passed on all side by people who were obviously keen to get home. I was finding it very difficult to overtake for three reasons, firstly I’m sitting on the wrong side of the car, secondly Troopy is not noted for its acceleration (particularly up hill) and thirdly, each time we had made all the checks and were ready to go, someone came up from behind and blocked us out ……. In the end we usually just give up and waited for an overtaking lane. Better safe than sorry!!



At around 7.00 pm we crossed into Asia!




There were lots of souvenirs to temp you at this point but we managed to resist!


It was too far to go given the heavy Saturday traffic and occasional jam, so we turned off to Miass so that Marat and Valya could find an hotel. In the end they found one in the city with secure parking at the rear. It was a good spot and we slept well.





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