22nd July – Krakow Poland

22 Jul

Headed off today in the rain to the centre of Krakow by bus and tram. Public transport is cheap and you can buy a 24 hour ticket that gives you unlimited bus and tram travel around the city for 10.40 zl (about £2.20).

After a quick stop at the tourist information to pick up a map we started the recommended walking tour …. sorry can’t remember the names of the places but started at an old gate house and walked through to the main square.

As we have travelled around Poland we have seen quite a few little Fiats … think that they are the old 126. Marjool always says “I like those cars” so thought we better have a picture of one!

In the main square there is a big building (whoops can’t remember the name again …. truth is the guide book is in the camper down a few flights of steps, and after a day around the city neither of us will get it!!). It is something like ‘Clothes Market’ but now just sells souvenirs of various sorts. As Poland is a strongly Catholic country several of the shops sold religious gifts.

Next stop was Krakow Castle.

While walking along the street we got an e-mail from our village about a fruit bottling workshop … a few minutes later we walked past this cafe!

Next we walked out to the old Jewish Quarter and looked around the buildings and courtyards. Over the river we continued on to an excellent museum based in the factory where Schindler employed and helped Jews escape the camps during the second world war. The factory made bomb parts, grenade cases and enameled pots. Most of the work was pressed steel. I know …. boring! But i like the way sheet metal can be made into almost any shape!!

Its raining on the computer now so off to make dinner! Yummmy …. maybe?

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