23rd July – Salt mine

23 Jul

This morning we went to the salt mine in Wieliczka, only about 10km from Krakow, but not before we checked our email for birthday messages for Marjool. We knew we could rely on the boys to come up with a card with the most unflattering pictures. We were not disappointed!!

The boys also added a pictures of themselves to demonstrate that we had left the house in mature and capable hands!

The salt mine was amazing. We walked down around 400 steps to descend 135 metres into the old mine workings. The mine stopped working in 1996 (ish) and is now used for tourism, conferences, events, services in the many chapels. Due to the microclimate within the mine there is also an underground treatment centre for ailments of the respiratory systems, asthma and allergies. The main attraction for tourists are the many carvings from solid rock salt.

Even the chandeliers are carved from pure salt.

The biggest and most impressive chapel is called Chapel of St Kinga and is situated 101 metres underground.

In the afternoon we drove east to the village of Lipnica Murowana to visit one of the prettiest all wooden churches in the area.

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