21st July

21 Jul

Diesel price 5.00 zl  (£1.06 / lt) – Petrol is around 5.25 zl (£1.12 / lt)

After another night outside Birkenau (big thunderstorm) we drove on towards a campsite outside Krakow called ‘Smok’. Costs are obviously higher than the country campsites, but it is secure, has good facilities and is only 4 km to the city centre by bus and then tram. You can pick up the bus just outside the campsite.

Afternoon spent rearranging some of the storage in the camper and washing clothes.

During the afternoon we were reflecting on how different it is travelling in Europe as compared with Australia. There you can travel 2000 Km and the scenery hardly changes (in some places). Don’t get me wrong ….. its lovely but the distances between the places is vast in some areas. Plus each time you stop they still speak English ….. (well Aussie which is almost the same!). Here we have only been gone just over two weeks (I know that because I changed my T-shirt today 🙂 ) and we have travelled only 1444 miles (2311 Km) and have passed through 7 countries including the UK.

Hoping for a nice day tomorrow to visit Krakow.

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