17th November – Tamnop

17 Nov

We had said that we would go to the farm and have a go at cutting rice today, so headed off on the scooters to the field. It was already hot at 8.45 am when we finally got started.




It was really hot and we only managed about 1.5 hours before we gave up, already feeling our backs! Nangs mother and father go a straight 8 hours, seven days a week, without complaining and they are over 60 years old. I think you need to build up to that sort of work in this climate …. that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

The average wage at the moment for a days rice cutting is 200 baht. Some Thais close to the border employ Laos workers as they cost a bit less.

When we got back to the Troopy at the temple we had a visit from a class of ten year olds. Marjool explained the trip in her best sign language!




We had arranged with Nang to have something to eat at a really small restaurant nearby the village. We arrived Thai style!




We had a nice chicken fried rice with Nang and Austin ….. it is so great to spend time with them.




Earlier in the day we had talked about locals eating rats from the rice fields. They feed mainly on rice and are not like our sewer dwelling rats that eat all sorts. I had asked if they were nice. Nang said that there are not so many now, but if they caught one, would I like to try. It seemed pretty unlikely and I thought little of it when I said I would love to try, but maybe not a whole one!

Imagine our surprise when Nang’s brother told us what the dog had caught at the rice field today!!




My already shaky appetite reduced still further when I smelt a funny smell coming from the BBQ. It was the process of removing the fur!



Once the hair burns it can be rubbed off by hand leaving a clean skin. A few chops with a sharp cleaver and its ready to cook.



The meat was dipped in soya sauce before cooking and some large chunks of garlic were added for flavour. It actually tasted nice! It was nice and crispy, and both Marjool and I ate some. Funny, it really does taste just like chicken!!

After the unusual snack, which I’m sure they only cooked because I had asked what it tastes like, we took a family photograph. They are really lovely hospitable people and Nang’s father asked us to come back again one day when he was less busy, then he would take me fishing.





We said our goodbyes and headed back to the temple ready for an early start to Surin tomorrow for the start of the elephant festival.

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