16th September – Tamnop

17 Nov

In the morning we decided to move Troopy somewhere a bit more breezy. We did not want to offend the family but the way the camper is designed it relies on a bit of through draft to change the air and cool it down.

Before we left we watched Nang flip the rice so that she could remove any black bits.





The local temple ( opposite the school ) was the ideal spot. We had looked at them before and thought that they would make good overnight stops as they are large open areas with lots of trees and friendly looking people!





We spent the day looking after Austin so that Nang could do some work. We played football and pushed cars and trains around in the shade of the trees around the temple. Great fun!






The school that Austin goes to is just next to the temple. We were there just in time for the school home run.



Later in the afternoon we borrowed Nang’s scooter and explored the local area. It is lovely around here.



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