11th November – Mukdahan

13 Nov

After breakfast we went for a swim in the pool with Mary (who is a friend/neighbour of Aree and Chris and is staying with them for a month).  The pool is right in front of the camper and just opposite Sal’s house. It seems to be very quiet and we pretty much had it to ourselves.



While we were waiting for Chris and Aree to arrive to take us to Phrathat Phanom, about 70km to the north, we took a couple of pictures of Sal and Jang’s niece Jenny.



The Thai school girls have to have hair cut in short bobs, to keep them cool. It always looks really nice.




When Aree and Chris arrived we headed off to Phrathat Phanom. Outside the temple there were some lovely trees to provide shade. Under the branches there were loads of really pretty flowers.




The temples are incredibly ornate and look lovely in the sunshine.







There are a series of stones laid out in one area, and as we understand it, you kneel in front of them, think of a project or action that you have planned. If the stone feels light and comes up easily, you are ready for the task. If it feels heavy, you are not prepared and should wait. Please tell us if that is correct!




The temple was built by ladies only, and it is said that they worked topless when it was very hot. The ladies finished the temple on time, but the one being built nearby by men was seriously delayed as the men kept finding reasons to visit the ladies site …. can’t think why!

On the way back we stopped to see one of Aree’s good friends. She was a lovely lady and was so excited to see us all. We also met her neighbour who had lovely plants in the garden.






Around the back of the house were a few of the neighbours’ kids who were happy to have their picture taken, as they like to look at the results.



That evening we ate at the night market in Mukdahan with Mary. We had two big platters of fresh pineapple and melon, and a stir fried noodle dish for 3 with vegetables and crab sticks. Total cost 75 baht, which is 150 pence. Great value and delicious!



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