10th November – Mukdahan

12 Nov

Edith had kindly offered to help us sort out our temporary motor insurance for Thailand and so we headed back there again. The insurance cost 162 baht to cover us on a third party basis for three months. While we were there we had our aircon checked as it had not been working properly. It was low on freon and once recharged worked perfectly! Edith’s son also suggested that we try an AIS net sim to give us data capability on our phone. Not full 3G but it works perfectly and again enables us to tether the phone to the computer for web updates. Thanks Toyota Mukdahan!

We cooked a stir fry in the camper using best Tesco pork and vegetables and then went with Aree and Chris  to see their farm and rubber plantation. Yet again the contacts here have all originated from our Russian teacher Liuba! She is great at bringing people together. Thank you!

First we met Aree’s aunt who is 84. She is a lovely lady and still shuts and locks the doors at 6.00pm to keep the tigers out! There used to be loads here and even Aree remembers when the last one in her area was shot.

After looking around the farm and the rice fields,  we went to check on the rubber trees which are just about ready to start producing rubber, which is currently in great demand.



The neighbouring farms were already producing and the trees were no bigger, so it looks like it is time to start tapping. It was interesting to see them cut the bark to release the rubber.


The rubber then drips out into the cups until the tree heals itself. The process is then repeated every day.

In the evening we went into Mukdahan town and ate in another riverside restaurant. It was full moon and so there were fireworks and lanterns to buy which you floated down the river with a candle after wishing the bad things in your life to float away with the lantern.

There was a strong wind blowing onshore and the lanterns gathered on the bank. It was also difficult to launch the sky lanterns, but quite a few got off the ground. When we got back to the camper by Sal and Jang’s place, we watched them float away ….. right over Tesco!

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