11th October – Still waiting for customs clearance – Erenhot

15 Oct

We spent most of the day wandering around the town again trying to find a wifi place. Despite how advanced it seems in China compared with Mongolia, there is no real 3G availability and so the ‘tethering’ that we have been using to link our laptop to the internet via the phone, does not work here. We also discovered that the site that we use to update our blog is blocked here, and so posts from China will not be easy.

As we walked around the town there was lots of little interesting sights like the nut and seed stall.




We now also had our temporary number plate displayed in the car.



After waiting until 3:45 on the second day, we finally had the customs clearance and could leave Erenhot on the southern road! Just outside the town the desert landscape is decorated with dinosaurs and some artificial trees. Interesting!





This evening we stopped in a landscape that is still very barren, put up Springs new tent and had an early night.

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