10th October – Over the border to Erenhot China.

15 Oct

We set off early and got to the Mongolian side of the border at around 8.30 (it opens at around 8.00) and initially joined a queue. We were soon surrounded by UAZ jeeps full of day trippers crossing the border for shopping. When they would not let us out, we pulled out and off the side of the road into the desert sand, backtracked and then drove all the way to the front of the queue …. much to our surprise and the locals disgust we were allowed in the pole position ….. serve them right for not letting us in!!

The border can only be described as chaotic, with everyone trying to push in front of you at each desk you get to …. time to sharpen your elbows!

First make sure that you get a document like the one below if you want to get your car into China. Without it you may lose another day and 300 or 400 US$.



As you get through the first barrier you are given a document to allow you to record the three steps of the process. First in Quarantine control, second is immigration and third is customs. Without all stamps you cant leave! We managed to get a number of a young lady called Sudaa ( means pearl in Mongolian – I think) who speaks good English.  We have a phone number if you need it! She helped us through the process and was really nice.

We made it through within an hour and drove the short distance to the Chinese border. Suddenly everything was dust free, green with plants and trees and very organised. The contrast was amazing!







When we looked up and saw the flag flying in the breeze, we knew we were there!



We met our guide who seemed really nice and was called Miss Spring … we were to call her spring.

We went through immigration and a customs check that involved a separate clearing company. We then followed a van to a hotel car park where would stay until the car had been cleared.

While we were waiting we wandered around the town which was a really lively place. It was also very clean, tidy and modern in comparison with the Mongolian towns.



At one point we had to meet a policeman who had to check our Chinese number plate. This is the policeman and the guide Miss Spring.



In the evening we went for hot pot, which was lovely ….. it had been a long day, and we still had no idea how long it would take to clear the car.




That night we slept in the car in the hotel car park as we were not allowed to move the car until the clearance process was complete.

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