29th September – UB

30 Sep

Woke up this morning and it was still very cold!

Just in case you thought it was only cold outside the camper …

That lump under the duvet is Marjool …. can’t understand why she is not leaping out of bed this morning? Not only is it cold, but she has a day hanging around in a garage specialising in 4×4 accessories (ARB Mongolia), while they check the diff lockers that had developed a leak and were not working. I can’t see what’s wrong with a day like that!

We arrived at the ARB Mongolia unit and it was impressively clean, tidy and well organised. The staff were really helpful both here and in Australia where we had the units originally fitted. Australia liaised with the facility in Mongolia and made sure that they had all the spares to fix the problem. Thanks ARB and Norman at Kea who also helped to communicate with the various parties to get the problem sorted out. This is ARB Mongolia….

Within an hour of arriving Troopy was up on the lift and the rear diff housing was being removed.

The work was carried out with lots of care and the faulty seals were replaced and the unit reassembled and checked. We finally left at about 6.30pm with working lockers. Good news if it snows again or we get stuck in another river!

Our contact at ARB Mongolia was Enkhbayar (he speaks excellent English) and in Australia Danny and Jessie. Thanks!

Some of the ARB  team here. Enkhbayar is the one on the left ….. so if you need your car fixed in Mongolia …. this is the place! It is also handy as it is just behind the main square.

After another scary drive through UB traffic we headed back to the guest house to warm up. It is a warm and cosy place … maybe we should have slept inside??

Tomorrow we are are off to lunch with Dr G, a friend of Steve and Jane’s from their time in UB.

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