28th September – UB

30 Sep

It was another cold night in the camper … still OK under all our blankets and duvets, but not nice getting out in the morning!

We could have stayed in a nice warm room, but after hearing stories of peoples car wheels getting stolen in UB, we thought that we would rather be in the car. Although I am sure it is perfectly safe here with the security guard and gates. We also had the choice of a ger but they did not look much warmer!

The Oasis is a great place with nice friendly staff. The owners are a German / Austrian couple and they have worked hard over many years to help some of the less well off residents of UB. They now have a bath house for locals, a woodworking shop, hairdressers, cafe and tourist gers and rooms. This provides employment as well as a service to both tourists and locals.

We caught the bus into the city centre. It was bitterly cold and walking around was not that pleasant, but we eventually found the ARB workshop and arranged to come back in the morning to see what could be done with the diff. The rest of the day was spent wandering around the various shops including the State Department Store.

We will need our hot water bottles tonight … the camper is still covered with ice and snow!

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