25th September – Just outside Tsetserleg

26 Sep

We headed out of town in the direction of the hot springs filling up with fuel on the way. We only got a few km out of the town and crossed a river (by bridge) which looked nice for camping and fishing. We headed along the right bank into the trees and stopped for the afternoon. We decided to give the car a clean (although I was in the photo it was a joint effort … just in case you thought Marjool was lazy!).



After lunch Marjool cleaned out the inside of the camper (more work!) while I sneaked off to fish. I expected it to be better later in the afternoon but it was worth a try. There are actually lots of fish in the river here and before long we had a few for dinner.



The local lads were fishing off the bridge and invited me to join them. These are actually the first people we have seen fishing since we arrived in Mongolia. They were using little fish caught from the shallows as bait but I did not see them catch. As I caught fish they ran back to the camper with them and even helped de-scale them and wrap them in foil with garlic and oil to cook. They also ran off to get firewood. We actually shared the fish.



In the evening I carried on fishing …. it got better and better as dusk approached and we caught another six fish.



The evening was much warmer and we sat by the camp fire.





The big rocks were again wrapped in our  ‘crawling under the car sheet’ and put in the camper as a radiator. In fact cloud came in through the evening and it was a warm night.

Tomorrow we will start moving towards UB. There are some lakes and rivers to stop at on the way.



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