24th September – Tsetserleg

25 Sep

Before we set off on the trip our friend and neighbour Mary Cook had introduced us via e-mail to a couple that lived and worked in Mongolia. We exchanged a few e-mails with Mark and Gill but would not be able to visit them as they would be returning to the UK before we arrived back. It was only when we got to Fairfield that we realised, on talking to the new Australian owners, that it was this guest house that they ran!



The staff all talked very fondly of them and obviously missed them. One of them said that is though part of the family was missing! We arranged to get the staff together so that we get a team photo for Mark and Gill. We hope that you like it!



The staff are all really friendly and helpful and seem a happy bunch.



The guest house is a popular stopping off point for overland trips in this area and several Mongol rally teams seem to pass through.



The menu incluse several things with chips, full English breakfast, pancakes, home made bread and lots of cakes. How can you pass it by?!



As Troopy was parked in a nice secure yard behind the guest house we felt relaxed as we went around the town. We stopped at a photo printing lab and got the pictures printed  that we had taken inside some of the country gers on the way. We then got envelopes and Marjool got the guest house staff to check that we had the addresses right before taking them to the post office to post.



Afterwards we went for a walk in the hills around the temple. We were hoping to visit the museum but it was closed for the weekend at this time of year. Still it was nice to stretch the legs and in the thin air you notice the exercise.





Tomorrow we will move on along the road towards UB which is still over 400km away. We would expect to get there before the weekend.


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