17th September – Leaving Khovd

17 Sep

This morning we spent a few hours camped out in the same place as yesterday, updating the website and cooking ham and cheese omelette. We then headed back into town to have another go at batteries etc. We soon decide that we would rather be on our way and gave up. We then headed to the water station to fill up only to find that they were all closed on Saturday. Time to head off anyway … we will try to find a spring on the way!

On the last fuel stop on the way out of town we asked about filling with water and were told to head into the ger camp. This is basically walled areas of land with just a ger and a pit toilet. This allows people to live in the traditional structure but with the convenience of town. Some children helped us fill up the tanks and jerry cans.



The road out of Khovd is pretty rough and potholed with sudden big dips that make you bounce into the air if you hit them too fast. We drove for an hour or so and stopped for a coffee by a really isolated little well. As we were driving there a lady with a water carrier on a trolley was on her way to fill up. We wondered why all the cows were following her. They wanted a drink from the tractor tyre troughs. Great use of waste!



Another couple of hours on rough and dusty roads and we came to another damaged bridge. Again everyone needed to ford the river. The water came half way up the doors on normal cars and someone asked us for a tow through in case their engine stopped.




We drove for another half an hour and looked for a friendly ger to stop by. We can’t say exactly what we look for in a house or ger, but some just feel right! We prefer to stop near someone rather than in a totally isolated spot on our own when near a road. This one had a good feel and when we went over and used the normal sign language for sleeping there, the family were really friendly.


As we were setting up, the little girl from the ger came over with fresh goats milk. We gave her some sweets and a ‘London’ soap for her mum … ten minutes later she came back with home made butter and an invitation to eat with them in the morning. I pointed at my wrist to ask what time and she drew a picture of the sun in the air and pointed up ….. sunrise! It sounded far too early for us as we have to lay in bed and wipe the water off the ceiling with a cloth as the ice melts! We are not actually cold with all the duvets, blankets etc etc. Half an hour after the sun first hits the camper we can get up.

Not sure what breakfast will be …. ?


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