16th September – Khovd

17 Sep

We had a busy day in Khovd and eventually made progress after asking lots of people where we could find what we needed. The difficulty finding things in Mongolia (for foreigners new to the place) is that everything is behind closed doors. There are no shop windows and obviously the signs are not easy to understand and very often include no pictures of what lies within.

The one big problem that we have to overcome is the failure of our laptop. As we rely on it for updating the web, communicating with home, storage for photos and video …. etc etc. In the end we managed to find a store that sold reasonably priced  laptops that are preloaded with US windows and Photoshop. It is called Best Electronics and the young owner spoke perfect English and was very helpful. We will edit this post later to put in his details. We also needed diesel, water, camera card, batteries for our watches (which both failed due to the cold) and some fishing flies to replace the ones of Steve that I lost! Apart from the laptop and the diesel, we were pretty unsuccessful ….. it was also hot during the day and dust was swirling around.

We will sort out a few pictures of the town later.


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