6th August – Alsedziai – Lithuania

6 Aug

We have not got to the hill of crosses yet as we stopped for lunch at a village called Alsedziai, in a sort of village green area. When we got there we could see them setting up for some sort of village event. We asked someone who spoke German and he said that it was a traditional Lithuanian village music festival and that we should stay to see it! He invited us to park in his garden which was next door.

It was only 2.00pm and the festival was not due to start until 5.00 so we walked around the village, which is almost all nice old wooden houses and small farms.

The program for the festival which starts at 5.00pm and finishes at 3.00am

The event started with games for the children, firstly a flipper race!

Time for us to go now, our host has just given us a reminder! Wonder what it will be like?

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