5th August

5 Aug

The final day at Sventoji was spent doing the washing, checking the fluids on the vehicle, crawling underneath to grease the propshaft and rearranging a few bags. I am sure that after seven months everything will be where we want it ….. maybe! Once the jobs were done we headed off to the beach for an hour. The weather is still great, with completely clear skies.

Before we leave the campsite we wanted to record a few of the bits that we like. Maybe one day Tom (our eldest son) will find a nice bit of land and build his own. I know he has lots of ideas already, but just in case!

The covered picnic areas worked really well so that people could still cook, eat and chat whatever the weather. They all have power and lights so that people could charge phones, cameras etc. There is a good sized kitchen as well that has cookers, tables and chairs, fridges, and washing up facilities.

There is also some little rocking horses for the children, a wooden play house, slide and a swing seat.

Thanks for looking after us we enjoyed our stay!


Around 8.30 we went out for a stroll on the beach to see if there was going to be a good sunset. As we walked along to the old pier (now derelict), we saw some really pretty sand sculptures, formed by letting the wet sand run through your fingers. Someone had been at the beach a long time!


On the other side of the pier we found people digging in the sand for amber. It is supposed to be really easy to find here.



As the sun went down, the pier looked totally different …



Planning to go to the ‘Hill of Crosses’ tomorrow, but who knows what we might find on the way …..

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