3rd August – Sventoji

3 Aug

Woke up again to a clear blue sky. It seems that although we are a long way from home, the weather is just about the same! Spent the first part of the day finishing the awning ties and fixings to the car. We only got it made at the last minute and so did not really have time to do the little finishing jobs before we set off. We have also had a bit of a leak from the roof which sent drips of water onto the driver when negotiating tight right hand bends. Only happened after heavy rain but was annoying, so I wanted to put some sealant where I thought it was coming in.





I was pleased to be able to justify all the handy bits and bobs that I had brought with me …. well at least some of them!



It is always really difficult to know how many tools and spare bits to bring on a trip like this. I think I may have gone over the top ….. maybe not for the first time! In addition to the tools shown below, I have two socket sets (1/2 inch and 1/4 inch drive) a torque wrench, hi lift jack, ordinary bottle jack, a small axe, an army trench spade (full size) and a small folding spade …… yes well over the top!



Enough of that boring practical stuff ….. After the maintenance work and Marjool’s washing we headed down to the beach. We started to turn right but an older man on the nudist side of the invisible boundary was playing football a little too enthusiastically for Marjools liking … all those sudden changes in direction were a little off putting! So we headed off in the opposite direction for a pleasant stroll along the beach. Walked for about one and a half hours on a nearly empty beach. A little different from Palanga.



Hoping to rent bikes tomorrow to get a bit more exercise. Seems like we are sitting down a lot.




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