2nd August – Palanga

2 Aug

Woke up this morning to a clear blue sky and packed away for the trip up the coast. We stopped for a while at Palanga beach, which is the main resort on the short Lithuanian coast. It was really busy as you would expect at this time of year. It was full of bright colours and people having fun, and so just walking along the waters edge was surprisingly pleasant. A great place for people watching as there were so many to choose from!


We sat for a while watching the local volleyball players, just checking to see if the standard of our home team is up to scratch …. We concluded that we still have some lessons to learn!



Further along the beach I was happily snapping away with the camera, when I suddenly thought … hmmm that person is wearing a skin coloured bikini (not a very tight one either?). As I panned around I realised that not only were all the people naked, but they were all ladies! We had paddled across a stream which, unknown to us, was the boundary of the ‘ladies only’ beach. We quickly did an about turn and guiltily put the camera back in the bag … not before getting a very grumpy look from a lady laying just by the stream …. whooops!! I hasten to add that I did not take any pictures …. before you all think I am a bit pervy ….

Marjool was in two minds whether or not to stay, but in the end decided that without her factor 150 it may be a bit risky!! We later learnt that men are not allowed to hang around on a ladies only beach, but are allowed to access the water by going in a straight line to the sea (and back). Ladies on the other hand are just not allowed on a men only beach at all.

On to more practical matters, we saw that people tend to make themselves comfortable on the beach on waterproof bean bags (great idea) … maybe we have just lived a sheltered life, but we have not seen them on beaches before. We did not see any in the nudist area … maybe for hygiene reasons?



We carried driving up the coast as although we enjoyed visiting Palanga, it was not the place we were looking for to spend a few days. At around 2.00pm we stopped at a really nice campsite just on the southern end of Sventoji. We would strongly recommend it to anyone as it has a lovely grassy area, covered picnic huts, nice showers, great kitchen and wifi included. It is only about 150 m across the dunes to the beach. You can see the details on the following website.


We are intending to do a few jobs on the car here and catch up via e-mail, and so will stay here a few days. If you need to contact us, now is a good time!


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