26th July – J.Siemianowskie (lake)

26 Jul

On the way to the village that we stayed in, we stopped briefly in another village just down the road to make a cup of tea. There were people sitting on benches on the roadside, who looked amazed to see an english car (and an odd one at that!) roll up and stop. Soon a group of really friendly but inquisitive men surrounded the car and asked lots of questions that we did not understand. They were so frustrated that they could not communicate and we were sad that we could not understand them either. The best that we could do was to show them how the bits that they pointed to worked. The elevating roof was the most popular.




We also stopped at some roadside stalls where people sold off their surplus fruit.



While we were staying at the house we walked down the road to stretch our legs, as we had spent a lot of time sitting down driving over the last couple of weeks. A nice old man wanted to show us inside his house, and in particular his family photos of his wife who had sadly passed away, his children and grandchildren. It was very touching and although we did not speak his language, there was no need. He proudly showed us his wood fired kitchen range which also provides the heat in the cold winter weather.



This morning we were invited into the hosts kitchen for local delicacy of potato pancakes and then taken outside for a quick lesson in goat milking. Its not as easy as it looks, I think that I did not squeeze hard enough as nothing came out!



Our host was obviously amused and came to the rescue with some expert ‘ squeeze and pull’!



Sadly it was time to leave, but not before we had a glass of fresh goats milk and a bag of  fresh vegetables from the garden plot. We hope that we have made friends that we will see again some time. We have the address and so will keep in touch. Tom the grandson and his favourite auntie may even want to come and see us at home!



People like this make you realise how kind and friendly the Polish people are. You can turn into a random street in a tiny village and meet people who open their homes to strangers, look after and feed them. We were touched by their generosity and kindness!

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