25th July – Grabowiec

25 Jul

Spent the day driving through some beautiful Polish countryside getting closer to the border with Belarus. The villages still have a mixture of new and old houses , but here the older ones are in the majority.

As you drive through the villages the older locals are all sitting outside their houses or someone else’s house chatting and watching the world go by.

In the next village, Grabowiec, we were passing a family sitting outside their house and we waved and smiled as we passed. A few meters down the road there was a good place to stop for the night so we pulled in. Moments later the lady that we had passed was coming over to talk to us in Polish. We understood that she wanted us to come and stay at her house! We ended up parked in their back garden, being spoilt with polish sausage and bread, fruit tea, soup and dinner. They are lovely people!

Another heavy thunderstorm tonight.

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