Waiiti Beach

19 Feb

16th and 17th  February 2013

The beds were far too comfortable to leave when Lew got up at 6.00 am to fish …. we finally got up at 8.00am both mornings! Then enjoyed a slow breakfast looking at the view.

View from the bach

The beaches on the west coast all seem to be black sand beaches, strange for us and they get really hot in the sun.

Pebbles in the wave

Black sandcastle


Sand castle team


At low tide you can look along the cliffs towards New Plymouth and Mt Taranaki.

Cliffs and Taranaki

The mountain looks different all the time, the cloud comes and goes rapidly, changing the view.

Evening cliffs and Taranaki

Mount Taranaki

A bit more playing on the beach and it was time to start packing up … over all too soon.

View of bach from the beach


Never too old for sand castles


Thanks Adrienne Lew Ollie and Bella for a great weekend!

That night we camped in a DOC picnic area just below the Mt Taranaki visitor centre. We had decided to climb it the next day …. though it does look steep!


DOC picnic area


Alarm set for 5.30 am!

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