Cathedral Cove and Hobbiton

14 Feb

13th February 2013

Woke up to another sunny day. The beach behind the campsite was really nice, making the campsite a good option for a longer stay.

Hahei Beach

On the beach we saw a nice David Brown tractor, normally more at home on the rolling green hills of England, it looked like it had been put here using photoshop! It made us think of our friend Phil Harvey from home, who collects David Brown tractors!

David Brown on beach duty

After breakfast we set off on the short walk to Cathedral Cove.

Cathedral Cove

Cathedral Cove arch

View from arch

Leaving the Coromandel Peninsula we passed another old building, this time the old tavern and hotel. Place to go for a good time in the late 1800’s!

Star and Garter Hotel

We carried on in a south westerly direction to a town called Matamata, which has become a tourist destination due to being discovered by Peter Jackson (director of Lord  of the Rings and the Hobbit). He found a sheep ranch of 1250 acres, run by the Alexander family that had an area that closely resembled Middle Earth as described by Tolkien. Here The Shire was created. There are now over 40 Hobbit holes and the Green Dragon pub. Tours are run to the site for Hobbit enthusiasts.

Four Hobbit houses

Green Dragon Pub

Inside Green Dragon pub

Commununal gardens

Hobbit front door

Hobbit house yellow door

Another Hobbit house

The whole thing was really well done, and it looked like such a great place to live.

Hobbiton water mill

We had booked into a campsite that had some hot springs about 6km from town. Tomorrow we head down to Taupo area.

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