Khmer Cooking Class – Siem Reap

30 Jan

I left Graham at the guesthouse catching up on some emails (same same working from home but different!) while I went to do something I have been meaning to do for ages …………. cooking lessons! I decided to go to the Tiger de Papier Cookery Restaurant in Pub Street, which does three daily cooking sessions each lasting 3 hours.  It is amazing value at $13 and you get to eat the food that you’ve cooked afterwards.

Le Tiger de Papier Restaurant

When you arrive they ask you to choose a starter and a main course from their menu. While I was looking at the menu two other people arrived for the cookery class, Vincent and Wendy from my home country The Netherlands, which was really nice. I choose a spicy shrimp salad and a Kmer chicken curry. We were told we would make a dessert together.

First it was off to the market to buy some ingredients and to show us the different vegetables, fruits and fish.

Off to market

Back to the restaurant for some serious work!

Looks very professional!

Cookery class

We were shown how to cut the ingredients and make some plate decorations using some of the vegetables.


Carrot flower

Plate decorations

Then some of the ingredients were ground into a paste and then off to the kitchen for the final stages.


Busy in the kitchen

Once the dishes were finished we carried them to a table outside the restaurant and ate our meal.

Time for lunch

We all had such a great time and the food tasted as good as it looks! It was a nice way to finish our time at Siem Reap. In the morning we are booked for a shared taxi up to the Thai border. Yet another form of Cambodian transport to try!

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