Siem Reap

17 Jan

16th January 2013

During a leisurely breakfast at the guest house we arranged to spend the following two days exploring the temples. We decided to start with the smaller and less famous ones on the first day, and move on to the big ones on the second day. Save the best until last? We we going to travel by tuk tuk, setting off at 5.00am!

Guest House tuk tuk

With arrangements made we could amuse ourselves around town. We thought that a visit to the Angkor National Museum would be good preparation for the the temples.

On the way we stumbled across the oldest Monestary in Siem Reap (around 500 yrs). It was beautifully kept and all around the walls stories were told in a series of paintings.

Preah Prohm Rath Monestary 

I think the cows are a bit newer!

Inside monestary

Wall painting Preah Prohn Rath Monestary

When we finally arrived at the museum, it was well presented and gave us an idea of what to expect, but not sure I would bother again. There is a $12 each entry fee plus $3 audio system fee (which may be good for non English speakers, but added nothing if you could read the signs).

On account of needing to be up by 4.30am we avoided ‘Pub Street’, particularly a pub called ‘Angkor What?’ that proudly announced that it had ‘Promoted Irrisponsible drinking since 1998’!!

Temples tomorrow!

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