28th November – Jomtien and Pattaya

29 Nov

In the morning we spent some time by the pool. Graham’s sandfly bites are still red and have blisters. They seem just like tick bites that we get at home sometimes. At least mossie bites go fast …. these have been itchy for a week. Avoid them if you can!

The only place to park the camper for the three days is in full sun, so we try to pop the top during the day as the fridge will struggle in a boiling hot enclosed space. The solar panel is only 38 Watts, but it seems that it is just enough to offset the fridge power consumption and keep the battery charged (showing 12.5 V) without running the engine. I know its boring, but someone asked!

Walking around the seafront we noticed some more unusual uses of the sidecar, as well as the standard mobile kitchen and food stall.




This one is a winch used to pull big boats up onto the sand. Made from bits of a car.



The balcony of the hotel was the ideal place to dry washing. While hanging it out, we were reminded what a small world it is. Graham started chatting to a Norwegian man who was staying two doors away. He is an ophthalmologist, and uses some equipment in his shops that has components in it that are made by the company that Graham used to work for. Turns out that he knows people that Graham knows! Nice man ….  maybe he will visit us in the UK one day. If not I am sure he can recommend some good fishing spots in Norway for the village fishing club! Marjool thinks it might be a better destination than Pattaya as you never know what you might catch there!!

In the evening we got a taxi/bus to Pattaya main city and beach area. You just jump on and when you arrive at the beach you pay 10 Baht each. Great value for the 15 min ride.




We were planning to go to Walking street tomorrow, but as we passed it on the way to the Taxi, we had a quick look. It is certainly busy and unusual!





Back at the hotel to find that the aircon had broken down ….. so much for the cool night!


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