26th November – Mae Phin Beach

29 Nov

We left our camping spot at the aquarium and set off along the coast towards a bay with more beaches either side. On the way we saw another common use of the pickup. This one had 17 people in and not a child seat in sight.

We knew that we were getting close as we saw a motorbike and sidecar loaded up with a few inflatables to sell at the beach. Not sure that he saw us though!

Spent a few hours walking and swimming, but it was very hot and could only go in the shade until the sun started to go down. Picked the best seat to watch people swimming and messing about in the water.

Health and safety is still not too big in Thailand and we watched with our fingers crossed as two powered paraglider pilots buzzed only feet over swimmers and children paddling in the shallows. It was all OK though …. maybe we fuss too much!

Another lazy day over we camped on an empty building site (grass) on the opposite side of the road to the beach. Nobody seemed to mind.



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